Star Power

Jennie Finch has star power. She's bigger than President Bush. Taller, anyway.

If you don't believe me, check out our profile of Finch in this week's issue. Finch is the star athlete at the UA, Tom Danehy tells us. Brighter than the biggest basketball star. More shine than the football quarterback.

Finch is not just a good athlete, she's good. She doesn't smoke, drink, or cuss, just like Jack Armstrong, radio's All-American Boy of the 1940s.

That's why, in these similarly troubled times, we call this premier softball pitcher an All-American Girl.

She's even a good loser, though we haven't had many opportunities to judge that. Finch was the losing pitcher in a game Sunday for the first time in two years. She fought back tears, said all the right things about the other team, then no doubt stewed in private. As Danehy reveals, she absolutely hates to lose.

Finch and her teammates visited President Bush at the White House last month because they won the national collegiate softball championship last year.

We were happy to have the excuse to print the Prez's picture in our paper--twice.

'Cause when it comes to blowing smoke, George W. is pretty good. But then, he should see Finch's fastball. She blows some smoke herself.

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