When my predecessor introduced me a month ago, he wrote that readers should expect this new editor "to maintain the Tucson Weekly's standards, once he figures out what they are."

That tongue-in-cheek remark reminds that alternative newspapers are a different breed. We get away with saying and doing things that the so-called straight press can't.

That's not to say we don't have standards. It's just that it's tough to define them. We bend the rules; it's our nature.

A new editor, though mindful of history, brings new ways of thinking and doing. That is why we reveal this week a new practice of disclosing our reviewers' associations when appropriate. This will become a standard for all our writers.

They will continue to advocate, to voice their opinions, but we want our readers to make judgments based on full disclosure. If our writers have associations with people they write about, we want them to tell us. In turn, we will tell you when we believe it appropriate to do so.

Our intent is not to curb our writers, but to strengthen our bond with readers. Please read "A Disclosure." If you wish to weigh in on this subject, e-mail me at

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