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Staff Pick: Best Spot on a Scenic Bike Trail to Get a Flat On the Santa Cruz Path

Outside Tucson’s Loop Bicycle Shop

Ah, the joy of getting a flat bicycle tire in the middle of your long weekend trail ride, or on your bike commute to work—especially if you forgot your spare tube, your CO2 cartridges or your pump—especially if time is an issue! Not. That is, this situation is obviously the opposite of a joy ... unless you're near Tucson's Loop Bicycle Shop, which sits cozily on the west side of the Santa Cruz River Park Trail, just north of El Camino Del Cerro. At this shop (enter by foot, directly from the path, through the chain-link gate), not only will someone sell you whatever you need to fix your flat; you can even have a mechanic quickly do it for you while you rest and joyfully sip a cold beverage.