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Staff Pick: Best Local Circus Freaks

The Strange Family Circus

Best Local Circus Freaks

The Strange Family Circus

Have you ever seen a human blockhead, a glass-walker or an electric lady? These are all dying artforms that are just a part of the Strange Family Circus. And these are not tricks, no. Sahar Strange, the better half of the husband and wife duo, knows exactly how to hammer a nail into her nose without rupturing her brain. She knows how to hold razor blades just so in the back of her throat so they don't cut her (too often). She knows exactly how to jump on her husband's shirtless back while he lays on a pile of broken glass to cause minimal bleeding. And Steven Strange—he knows what scorpion pee tastes like (apparently the worst part of putting them in his mouth). He knows what a mouse trap feels like on the tongue and a bear trap on his hand. These two are real-deal vaudevillian side-show freaks, and oddly enough two of the most down-to-earth people you could ever meet. They'll be performing at Old Tucson's Nightfall every weekend evening in October.

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