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Staff Pick: Best Local Chick to Buy Jewelry From If You also Might Need Some Hand-Crafted Lip Balm and/or Cool Stained-Glass Art


"PLART = PLANTS + ART: the simple formula behind the business name of local jewelry designer (and artist and plant enthusiast) Alexandra Berger—a name that really does combine Berger's love of art (she makes jewelry, glass beads, plates, candle holders and more) and her love of plants. She uses herbs grown in her very own garden to concoct all-natural "lotions and potions" for the body and face, from lavender peppermint sunscreen to grapefruit-honey lip and body balm. Her jewelry has a signature style, and her balms and lotions smell delicious, besides being actually effective. (We'd like to mention her awesome beeswax/rosemary "hangover relief rub"... but it isn't in stock, and it doesn't exactly go with the "Fashion and Style" category [or does it?].)