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I still haven't climbed aboard one of those e-scooters littering downtown (as I'm more cautious in my advanced years than when I wore a younger man's clothes), but I've certainly steered around them on our streets and sidestepped them on our sidewalks. As in other communities, the scooters have both loyal fans and fierce detractors. Staff reporter Austin Counts is taking you for a spin through the pros and cons of those little cycles in this edition as the Tucson City Council prepares to determine the fate of the scooters following a six-month trial period.

This week we also launched our annual Cannabis Bowl, a reader survey of the best our local dispensaries have to offer. You'll find the survey at TucsonWeekly.com, but this year, we've made some changes: We have nominees in every category, so pick your favorite medicine and let's get to voting. You have until midnight on Tuesday, March 24, to cast your ballots. Results will be in our big 420 celebration in the April 16 issue.

Elsewhere in this week's issue: Associate editor Jeff Gardner gets a sniff of how UA researchers are testing sweat to find out how healthy you are; columnist Tom Danehy reflects on how Israeli politics are hurting the country's support here in America; web editor Jamie Verwys previews this weekend's Southeast Arizona Wine Growers Festival; arts writer Margaret Regan looks at some o' the Irish celebrations coming up as St. Patrick's Day approaches; Cannabis 520 columnist Nick Meyers looks at how House Speaker Rusty Bowers wants Arizonans to go back to the days of smoking really lousy weed; movie critic Bob Grimm has no desire to recommend Greed; music contributor Brett Callwood talks with Robyn Hitchcock ahead of the British rocker's return to Club Congress; and there are more columns, comics and other fun to keep you busy as you flip through our pages.

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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