Spider-Man 2

This sequel lacks some of the pizzazz of the original, and has a slow second third. The best bit is borrowed from the first film: a scene in which ordinary citizens come to the aid of Spidey. It’s genuinely touching, whereas the long middle section during which Spider-man loses his powers just kind of drags. Plus, there’s no good explanation for the loss and return of his powers, unless being kinda depressed and horny is to Spider-man what Kryptonite is to the more hardcore superheroes. Director Sam Raimi tries to deepen his character here, and in the process makes Spider-man overtly Christ-like, going so far as to re-enact the crucifixion with Spider-man in the starring role. This is kinda cool, because if you think about, Jesus could have totally spun webs and stuck to the sides of buildings and beat up Doc Ock, if he hadn’t been into that lame "loaves and fishes" crap. Also, Spidey is all not into getting it on with Mary Jane Watson, whose name is clearly a reference to Mary Magdalene, who was Jesus’s girlfriend, except Jesus totally ignored her because he was so into his band, "The Disciples," just like Spidey can’t be with Mary Jane because some lizard-man or wolf monster is no doubt about to start blowing stuff up. But beyond the Christification and some really nice work by Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, this film is just a bit less good than the first one.


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