Speaks Volumes

This is the 52nd and final issue of the Tucson Weekly's 22nd volume. Does this mean anything? Sort of; it means it's basically the Weekly's birthday. It means we, as a newspaper, have survived for another year. It means that if the Weekly were a person, we would have been able to drink legally for a full year now. And it means that it's time for our fourth annual Rant Issue, which we use to close out the volume so we can get all the negative stuff off of our minds (Yeah, right!) and start the new volume as fresh as a daisy.

But that's pretty much all that it means. Since we're not making a big deal out of turning 22, things will be pretty much the same around here next week. But God help us in three years ...

· On a different note ... every year, at least several people approach us during Best of TucsonTM balloting to complain that the ballot doesn't include some category or another. Well, rather than simply calling/writing/stopping by to complain after it's too late, if you speak up now, you may actually be able to accomplish something.

We're now putting together our ballot for Best of TucsonTM 20; the voting period will be in April and May. If you have any feedback--ideas for categories we need to add, suggestions for categories to drop 'cause they suck, etc.--e-mail me ASAP. (If you don't have e-mail, then feel free to snail-mail or call.) We'll then take all these suggestions and mull them over as we piece together the ballot. Of course, we may not take implement all of these suggestions, but we're open-minded souls, so I can promise you we'll at least consider 'em. Thanks in advance for the input.

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