Though Logan Greene is never too far away from some kind of action, be it booking, running his Diet Pop record label or performing solo with an acoustic guitar, it's been a hot minute since we've heard from his trio, Logan Greene Electric. Therefore, it's great news that his group returns with a new EP, "Dead Formats" (Diet Pop) and an accompanying release show this week at 191 Toole.

"Dead Formats" is a freewheeling, rollicking record of five fantastic tracks that exchange the somewhat-adolescent, yet still valid, concerns of relationships and coming-of-age mini-dramas that were intrinsic to his earlier work for a more visceral and aggressive stance that recalls mid-period Husker Du or Squirrel Bait. Greene isn't done with boy-done-wrong lyrical plaints, but the exuberance of his vocals and the delivery of the band frame the songs as celebratory and, more importantly, as a release. There's nary a trace of self-pity on "Dead Formats"; this is modern pop-punk at its best.

Still, as the record comes to a close, the tempos slow, Greene's voice develops a snarl and the ensuing claustrophobia is a little in line with Weezer's darkest work. But Greene's ingratiating persona and understated (for this style of music) metaphors should remain grounded enough to not deter even the most gung-ho emo-phobes.

Logan Greene Electric will celebrate the release of the "Dead Formats" CD at 191 Toole on Saturday, Dec. 27, with opening sets by Dogbreth, DINERS, Clay Dudash and Hiroshima Defx.


Hip-hop artist and multitasker Johnny Redd contacted me recently about the first event in a monthly series of music showcases he's planning. What really caught my attention was his description of the inaugural Private Lounge show at The Flycatcher: "The monthly (event) will cater to all types of music," he said. "For example, this show has R&B, folk and indie rock." He had me at 'R&B.' If there's one style of music lacking in Tucson, it is pretty much any variant of rhythm and blues. Whether it sounds like Jackie Wilson, Jodeci or Beyonce, we have virtually no visible local acts mining this genre. Hopefully, Redd and the Private Lounge series will rectify this situation.

As for the first installment, Clay Dudash supplies the folk, Thomas Rex brings the indie rock and The Original Saku, Rey Murf (who has performed with Copper & Congress) and Rubixx Qube can be expected to delve into more soulful territory. Bob Felix and Roch will be performing DJ sets, presumably in between the live sets. Private Lounge takes place at The Flycatcher, Friday, Dec. 26. Doors open at 9 p.m. and can be consulted for more details.


And then there's New Year's Eve. As usual, the city will be lit up with parties, police lights and quite a bit of music to choose from.

Over at The Rialto Theatre will be cumbia overlords Chicha Dust, who, if, is as super as a local super group gets, with members including recent Tucson Weekly cover star Brian Lopez, prolific songwriter and instrumental ombudsman Gabriel Sullivan and legendary drummer Winston Watson. Tropidelica, as the event is being called, will also feature DJ sets by Logan Phillips. There's three different ticket packages for Tropidelica, the priciest including champagne and onstage seating. More info is available at

TFA Soundsystem, an infrequently performing tribute to LCD Soundsystem and other DFA Records acts, will kick in the New Year at The Flycatcher. (Full disclosure: I will be playing guitar with the group for this show.) TFA consists of members and ex-members of the Electric Blankets, video? and others. DJ sets will feature Herm, Bob Felix, E_Rupt and DANH. Details can be found at

For what may or may not be its final show (there are rumors that the bar and venue is closing its doors come Jan. 1), The District Tavern has an incredible lineup planned, with The Freezing Hands, Katterwaul, the relatively new and pretty damn great Whispering Wires, as well as other acts to be announced.

As to be expected, there will be plenty of other events around town. Be sure to check our listings section and have a happy and safe New Year.

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