Clearly we're excited for HoCo Fest this weekend, considering the number of references to the event in this week's issue (see: City Week, The Soft White Sixties feature, Rhythm & Views) and there are a bunch of shows worth seeing elsewhere this week, but here's one more plug: You should go to at least one night of the four-day music spectacular, if not all of them. While the Friday (Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers outside; Nik Turner of Hawkwind inside, among others) and Sunday night (HoCo's now classic Latin night, with Mexican Institute of Sound, Chicha Dust, Orkesta Mendoza, and more) lineups are great, Saturday night's celebration of local music is both free and exceptionally put together. Sure, the focus is basically on "rock" acts (whatever that means now), but if you have the opportunity to see Prom Body, Best Dog Award, Human Behavior and Zackey Force Funk (plus a bunch of other bands and Congress' usual Saturday night dance party) on one bill, you should do it. Also, while I mentioned this a few sentences ago, it's worth repeating that it's free. More info at


The Flycatcher is having an "official grand opening party" on Friday, Aug. 29 (a little late, but sure, OK) and for the occasion Dan Hernandez and the Keep Tucson Party posse are revisiting their Prince vs. Michael Jackson musical showdown, with a bunch of local musicians assembling Voltron-style to recreate the hits of these pop/R&B icons. Plus, the Facebook event page promises door prizes and drink specials, so for $5, you can enjoy a somewhat one-of-a-kind event, get some cheap drinks and possibly win something. A win/win, I say. The show kicks off at 9 p.m., with a costume contest at midnight. More info at


Ty Segall is one of those musicians that seemingly every halfway cool music publication has written about at least once and it's relatively easy to tune out that sort of hype, but damn, he really does deserve the attention, especially considering how great his new album "Manipulator" is. No slight against his previous material which is generally really interesting, especially considering this might be his 25th full length release, if I'm counting correctly (I'm probably not) but "Manipulator" is a big step forward, more focused, hooky and enjoyable than his previous work and you can hear the value derived from the month he spent recording it (an eternity in garage rock/modern psych terms). I'm not the first person to say this, but what it reminds me most of is a modern take on a T. Rex record, rhythmic arrangements with some chaos and showmanship over the top. It's so good and I'm so excited to hear how these songs sound live. Wand and Prom Body open the all ages show on Wednesday, Sept. 3 at Club Congress. Tickets are $17. Find more info at


Nothing gold can stay, so as Labor Day rolls in and the kids are all in school, it's time to say goodbye to the temporary beach in front of the MLK apartments at 45 N. Fifth Ave. Saturday night, Aug. 30, you can enjoy one last night of sand between your toes (well, beach sand, at least; sand isn't really the issue around here), a cold beverage and listen to some music starting at 7 p.m. by Skyline, Shrimp Chaperone and the Surf Sonics. The event is free and there will be activities for the kids including a sand castle contest starting at 4 p.m. More info at

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