I was a little concerned this week that the number of articles we have in the music section previewing concerts (features on Clay Dudash and Mute Swan, a primer on Tech N9ne, a review of a tape by Shovel) that there might not be much left for me to cover in Soundbites this week, but, surprise, there's still a lot going on this week. Too much to cover in this space, in fact, so check out our listings online at Sorry to anyone who was hoping for a preview of One of These Nights, the Eagles tribute band playing the Fox on Saturday, June 7. The band's website promises you "won't believe your ears!" I'm inclined to think they're right.


Prince has seemingly popped up in the news every few weeks or so lately, in April for resigning with Warner Bros. Records and then this week, because he's Prince, for showing up at the French Open with a scepter. Never change, Prince.

To celebrate the Purple One's birthday this Saturday, June 7, the Loft Cinema is showing the Morris Day classic Purple Rain, which also features Prince in a smaller role where he rides a motorcycle or something. The film will be screened in sing-a-long style, with the song lyrics running along the bottom of the screen so you and your fellow moviegoers can sing along with The Kid's performance of "Darling Nikki" at Minneapolis' First Avenue nightclub. Purify yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka and head to the Loft at 7 p.m. for a pre-show of Prince music videos, a Prince costume contest and purple cupcakes. Should be a good time, although like most events, it could probably use more Morris Day. Tickets are $8 for the general public, two bucks cheaper for Loft members and more info can be found at

Also worth noting for people who like music and movies, so you can mark your calendars or set a reminder in your phone, the Loft is hosting a one-showing-only screening of The Past Is a Grotesque Animal, a documentary about Of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes on Wednesday, June 25 at 7 p.m. Regular admission prices will apply.


Mike Sempert has visited Tucson before with his band Birds & Batteries, a great Bay Area band who started with great songwriting and enhance each track with a mix of Americana with some hooky electro-pop flourishes. However, B&B have gone on "hiatus," with two members embarking on solo projects, including Sempert, who's scheduled to play Che's Lounge on Sunday, June 8. Sempert not only left the band behind (for now, at least), but also the Bay Area, heading down to Los Angeles and embracing a more Laurel Canyon-esque '70s soft rock sound on his new album Mid Dream, which reminds me at times of some of the more straight-forward Eels songs and occasionally like a lost yacht rock album. Should make for a good show, especially with one of the lemonade basil shandys Che's featured on their Facebook page this week. Proper Operator open for Sempert on Sunday for a 7 p.m. show. The show's for the 21 and over set, so tough break, kids, but for the adults around, it's free. More info at or you could call Che's at 623-2088.


Although I don't think they actually played the festival, for some reason, I heard a lot of people talking about The Mowgli's (their choice of punctuation, I promise) at Coachella this year. This makes sense in that the Los Angeles-based band has a certain good vibes and sunshine/let's sing about love attitude that would likely appeal to a festival crowd, especially if you like bands like Grouplove (who did play out in the desert). You'll have to check your cynicism at the door when The Mowgli's play Club Congress on Tuesday, June 10 (with Finish Ticket) opening, but if you're looking for a bit of energetic pop optimism, this is the show for you. There isn't a down note on their major label debut, Waiting for the Dawn, but there's plenty of sing-a-long hooks and a bit of whistling for good measure. Tickets are $15 for the all-ages show, with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. More info at or 622-8848.


To mix up the genres here a bit, a quick note about two other shows this week: Darude, of "Sandstorm" fame (a.k.a. that song you've heard at a million sporting events over the past few years, is playing at JunXion on Thursday, June 5 (which is either tonight or this information does you no good whatsoever, based on when you pick this issue up, so sorry for not mentioning it sooner) for what seems like an intimate gig for a guy who has sold millions of records and has a 10-hour mix of his most famous song on YouTube. Tickets are $10 at the door for the 21 and over event. More info at

On Saturday, June 7, Hot 98.3 is hosting the second edition of their DJ competition Mix Madness, with seven finalists taking on last year's winner Herm. The competition was fierce last year, with Herm taking on former Tortilla Factory partner Bonus, with the two showing off what can be done with two turntables and a laptop. Mostly I just liked that Herm transitioned from "Bear Down Arizona" into a Trick Daddy song. The event this year also includes a set from DJ Enferno, former DMC USA champ. Tickets are $10-$12 for the all-ages event, with doors opening at 7 p.m. More info at or 740-1000.

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