If it seems like the number of great shows and music events is increasing almost exponentially with the arrival of fall, it's not just your imagination. This is easily the busiest music week since spring, and we're proud to say the biggest event of them all is the Tucson Weekly's annual Fall Club Crawl®, which takes place on Saturday, Oct. 6.

You know the drill by now: Tons of acts in tons of genres at tons of stages in the downtown/Fourth Avenue area, all for the single price of a wristband.

There's a full rundown of all the performers; feature articles on some of the bigger acts; a handy map; and other important stuff elsewhere in this issue, so I won't spend lots of time on it. But I do want to point out one unusual feature this time around.

As you may have heard, in addition to the dozens of local acts, there are a number of national acts performing, including The Hood Internet, Body Language, The Far West and Kid Static. But the real biggie this time around is a performance by Denver's DeVotchKa.

If you think you're unfamiliar with the band's music, you're likely mistaken. If you've seen the movie Little Miss Sunshine, for example, you've heard them, as they provided the soundtrack. If your memory's a little rusty, well, they perform a swooningly romantic brand of gypsy-influenced pop and rock that is difficult to dislike. Plus, they're an amazing live band.

If that weren't enough, Tucson is something of a second home to them, as they've recorded at downtown's Wavelab Studio. I know, I said I wasn't going to go into any details, but I just couldn't help myself. (For lots more on DeVotchKa, check out Eric Swedlund's feature article in the special Club Crawl® section.)

Anyway, back to my original point: Because we predict the Rialto Theatre, where DeVotchKa will be performing, will fill up, we're offering a guaranteed spot either at the front of the theater floor, or in the balcony, for $15. In other words, you can pay the usual $8 in advance, or $10 on the night of for a wristband (and I might mention here that those wristband prices have been the same for a long time), and take your chances on getting a spot for DeVotchKa, or you can pay $15 for a guaranteed spot along with a wristband that allows you to check out whatever else you'd like. Either way, it's a swingin' deal.

Whichever option you choose, we'll see you at the Crawl on Saturday night. Please be responsible, and take cabs when necessary. And most important of all, have a blast!


Although it took longer to catch on in this country than in most of the rest of the world, there's no denying that dance music and DJ culture is bigger than it's ever been. And there is perhaps no bigger crossover DJ around than Girl Talk.

Girl Talk is Gregg Gillis, a Pittsburgh-based DJ who is one of the foremost mashup artists in the country, if not the world. His style is somewhat based on that of Z-Trip, a Phoenix-born DJ who, starting in the late '90s, would put beats behind recognizable classic rock songs, thereby making them danceable. But Girl Talk takes that method to extremes, weaving together hip-hop beats and familiar raps with pop and rock songs that everyone knows (and generally loves). It's not unusual for him to mix a dozen or so songs together on one track. The effect is dizzying: Just as you've figured out what he's sampling, he's on to the next piece. It also makes for a jaw-dropping listening experience, as familiar strains of music are stitched together in ways no one ever dreamed of—except for Gillis, of course.

As for his live shows, yes, it's a dude standing behind a computer or two. But Gillis' manic energy, along with the crowd dancing and cheering along, converts it all into a true live-show experience.

Girl Talk performs at the Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St., on Wednesday, Oct. 10. Dev opens the all-ages show at 8 p.m. Advance tickets are $30; they'll be $32 on the day of the show. For more information, head to, or call 740-1000.


Ask anyone who's ever owned or operated a nightclub, and they'll tell you it's a mighty risky business: Clubs of all variety open and close all the time. (Don't take my word for it—take a look at the Congress Street goings-on right now.)

Which makes it all the more remarkable that The Maverick Live Country Club, one of Tucson's foremost country nightclubs, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month.

The Maverick isn't about to ignore the milestone, as they've got special events lined up throughout the month. One of the biggest takes place on Sunday, Oct. 7. The club's official 50th Anniversary Bash will feature a free live performance by onetime house act Troy Olsen, who has since moved on to Nashville to pursue his songwriting and performing career.

The Maverick is located at 6622 E. Tanque Verde Road. Doors for the 50th Anniversary Bash open at 6 p.m., and admission is free.

Other special events going down at the club this month include a performance by Vince Moreno on Tuesday, Oct. 16, and Mark Wills in concert on Wednesday, Oct. 17. For more details on these and other anniversary events, head to, or call 298-0430.


What the hell is in the water in Baltimore? Whatever it is, it causes bands to indulge in ethereal, spaced-out, reverb-drenched music. Cases in point: Animal Collective, Beach House and Lower Dens, the latter of which will perform in town this week.

Nootropics, the band's second full-length, was released earlier this year. It's still anchored by the unique voice of Jana Hunter, but it leans a little heavier on electronics than the group's 2010 debut, Twin Hand Movement, which relied more on guitars. Still, if you dug the debut, you'll likely find much to love in its similarly gauzy follow-up. Recommended to those who were fans of the '80s output of 4AD records.

Lower Dens perform at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St., next Thursday, Oct. 11. Half Moon Rise open at 7 p.m. The show is open to those 18 and over, and advance tickets are $10. Head to, or call 622-8848 for more info.


Xzibit at the Rialto Theatre next Thursday, Oct. 11; El Ten Eleven and La Cerca at Club Congress on Wednesday, Oct. 10; Shook Twins and Get Right Rounders at Solar Culture Gallery on Wednesday, Oct. 10; Acoustic Assault! featuring Kevin Daly, Hank Topless, Al Perry, Loren Dirks, Logan Greene, Eric Eulogy and Justin Valdez at Surly Wench Pub on Saturday, Oct. 6; Say Anything, Murder by Death and Tallheart at the Rialto Theatre on Friday, Oct. 5; The New Trust, Dream Sick and Womb Tomb at La Cocina next Thursday, Oct. 11; Judgement Day, Young Hunter, and The Missing Parts at Club Congress on Friday, Oct. 5; Downstait, Serene Dominic and Gaza Strip at Plush on Friday, Oct. 5; George Thorogood and the Destroyers and Molly Hatchet at AVA at Casino del Sol on Sunday, Oct. 7; Gaelic Storm at the Rialto Theatre on Tuesday, Oct. 9; Sea Wolf at Club Congress on Sunday, Oct. 7; Igor and the Red Elvises at Plush on Saturday, Oct. 6; Michael Schenker and Robin McAuley at The Rock on Monday, Oct. 8; Chevelle at the Rialto Theatre on Monday, Oct. 8; Dream Salon, Death Moth Family Band, Sam Christopher and Ohioan at Topaz on Tuesday, Oct. 9; Mombasa, Tree Motel and Black Jackalope Ensemble at Sky Bar on Saturday, Oct. 6; Dry the River and Houndmouth at Club Congress on Tuesday, Oct. 9; Ronstadt Generations at Abounding Grace Sanctuary on Saturday, Oct. 6; Truelove and Friends featuring Leila Lopez at Monterey Court on Tuesday, Oct. 9; Ned Sutton and Last Dance at Boondocks Lounge next Thursday, Oct. 11; Assemblage 23 at Surly Wench Pub on Sunday, Oct. 7; Los Tucanes de Tijuana at AVA at Casino del Sol on Saturday, Oct. 6; Black Cherry Burlesque at Surly Wench Pub on Friday, Oct. 5.

Finally, please note that the D.R.I. show scheduled for tonight, Thursday, Oct. 4, at The Rock, has been postponed.

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