It's here! It's here! It's finally here!

Tonight begins the most-fun-filled local-music event of the year. Over the next three nights (and one day), at three different venues, The 14th Annual Great Cover-Up is where you'll want to be (unless you like hearing your friends brag about how awesome it was, and what a big loser you are for missing it).

In case you've been living under a rock, here's a bit of background from last week's column:

"A brief history: The idea for the event was stolen wholesale from Champaign, Ill., where I attended a few Cover-Ups in the '90s. The idea was to gather a bunch of local bands, each of which would pick a well-known artist to cover in a 20-minute set—while keeping it secret who they were covering until they hit the stage, in order to maximize the element of surprise. The best part of all was that the money raised would go to charity.

"It's a simple, ingenious idea, and when I told Shoebomb's Melissa Manas about it, we decided it would translate well to Tucson. She took the reins and organized the first Tucson Cover-Up back in 1998. When she had to bow out the following year due to pregnancy, an ever-shifting team over the years (this year, it's me; Tucson Weekly contributor Mel Mason; the Rialto Theatre's Curtis McCrary and Ryan Trayte; Club Congress' David Slutes; and local promoter Dan Hernandez; Matt Milner of KXCI FM 91.3's Locals Only will emcee the event) picked up where she left off. Since then, the Cover-Up has grown by leaps and bounds, first expanding to two nights, then three. And this year, for the first time ever, the event will be held at three different venues over three nights, and at two of those venues during the day (on Saturday only), making this, with more than 60 bands participating, the biggest Cover-Up yet.

"All of the proceeds over the years have been donated to charity. This year's beneficiary, as it has been for the last four, will be the Tucson Artists and Musicians Healthcare Alliance (TAMHA), which provides informational and monetary health-care resources to local, uninsured artists."

The 2011 edition will be held at Plush tonight, Thursday, Dec. 15; Club Congress on Friday, Dec. 16; and the Rialto Theatre on Saturday, Dec. 17.

Additionally, on Saturday, Dec. 17, both Congress and the Rialto will feature acts during the day from 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. To sweeten the deal further, there will be food trucks present to enable you to nosh while you mosh—or at least tap your toes.

In previous years, we've published a schedule saying what times the local acts were playing, along with a general list of who was being covered that night. This year, we're flipping the script—letting you know which bands are being covered in each time slot, with a general list of the local bands performing.

The schedule for tonight at Plush, 340 E. Sixth St., was published in last week's Soundbites. If you missed it, you can still find it at here on our website, or at, which is the most-reliable source for things like last-minute schedule changes.

Without further ado, here's the rest of the schedule:

Night Two at Club Congress, 311 E. Congress St., on Friday, Dec. 16: Jethro Tull (7 p.m.), King Crimson (7:30 p.m.), Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven (8 p.m.), Eric Clapton (8:30 p.m.), Joe Satriani (9 p.m.), Gin Blossoms (9:30 p.m.), Arcade Fire (10 p.m.), The Zombies (10:30 p.m.), TV Show Theme Songs (11 p.m.), Aerosmith (11:30 p.m.), The Clash (midnight), Mariah Carey (12:30 a.m.), Van Morrison (1 a.m.) and Lullabies (TBA).

In no particular order, here are the acts doing the covering: Gabriel Sullivan, DJPJ (aka Paul Jenkins of ... music video?), Some of Them Are Old, Ryan Green and Cameron Hood of Ryanhood (performing separately), The David Clark Band, Fish Karma, Shrimp Chaperone, Marianne Dissard, Spacefish, Emergency Broadcast System, Ferrodyne, Flagrante Delicto and Crosscut Saw.

Daytime at Club Congress (all ages) on Saturday, Dec. 17: Paul McCartney and Wings (1 p.m.), Pearl Jam (1:30 p.m.), Cyndi Lauper (2 p.m.), Radiohead (2:30 p.m.), Joan Jett (3 p.m.), The Cramps (3:30 p.m.), Brain Damage Orchestra (4 p.m.) and Bob Marley (4:30 p.m.)

In no particular order, the bands doing the covering: Run-On Sunshine, Planet Jam, Jumper, The Wayback Machine, Affirming the Consequent and Peaks.

Daytime at the Rialto Theatre (all ages), 318 E. Congress St., on Saturday, Dec. 17: Mississippi Fred McDowell (12:30 p.m.), Grand Funk Railroad (1 p.m.), Paul Simon (1:30 p.m.), Evanescence (2 p.m.), Little Richard (2:30 p.m.), Son House (3 p.m.), Ryan Adams (3:30 p.m.), L7 (4 p.m.), Madonna (4:30 p.m.) and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (5 p.m.).

In no particular order, the acts doing the covering at the Rialto during the day: Funky Bonz, Alisha Peru, Sugar Stains, Christopher Stevens, Worm, Gaza Strip, Boreas, Katie Haverly, Roman Barten-Sherman and The Good Little Thieves.

Night Three at the Rialto Theatre (all ages) on Saturday, Dec. 17: Abba (7:30 p.m.), Nirvana (8 p.m.), Alice in Chains (8:30 p.m.), The Poetry of Charles Bukowski set to music (9 p.m.), Traveling Wilburys (9:30 p.m.), Wilco (10 p.m.), A Perfect Circle (10:30 p.m.), E.L.O. (11 p.m.), The Beach Boys (11:30 p.m.), Earth Wind and Fire (midnight), New Orleans funeral march (12:30 a.m.), Cheap Trick (1 a.m.) and Black Eyed Peas (1:30 a.m.).

In no particular order, the acts doing the covering: Seashell Radio with The Modeens, Al Perry, Leila Lopez, Sergio Mendoza, American Android, Doctor Dinosaur, The Tryst, Monster Pussy, The Awkward Moments, Krista Khrome's Feed, 8 Minutes to Burn, The Wyatts and The Jons.

Please note that the times listed here are not "club" times or door times: These are the actual times when bands will start (a novel concept, I know), so please plan accordingly.

Admission is a suggested donation of $8 for one night, $12 for two nights, or $15 for all three, with every penny going to TAMHA.

Again, for more information, including last-minute schedule updates (if necessary), head to For more info about TAMHA, go to You can reach Club Congress at 622-8848 or And you can reach the Rialto Theatre at 740-1000 or

See you there!


The Great Cover-Up isn't the only worthwhile benefit happening this weekend. On Saturday, Dec. 17, Club Carnage will be the site for the Stuff the Bug Holiday Ball, which is just what its name suggests: There will be VW bugs on hand to be filled up with unwrapped toys that will be donated to Casa de los Niños, which "offers a variety of programs designed to prevent child abuse and to care for children who have already been abused."

And there's plenty of entertainment to be had, too. Santa and his pinup helpers will be on hand to take photos. There will be a Haunted Holiday Mini Haunt, a raffle, local food and craft vendors, and 10 musical acts performing: John Holmes (2 p.m.), Dante Febbraro (3 p.m.), Gonzo's Dogs (4 p.m.), Roadrunner Gunner (5 p.m.), Despondency Denied (6 p.m.), Deceptively Innocent (7 p.m.), Sinister Mustard (8 p.m.), Rhythm Dragons (9 p.m.), Neiphi (10 p.m.) and Knock-Out (11 p.m.).

Doors open at noon. Club Carnage is located at 1102 W. Grant Road. Admission is a suggested donation of $10, or bring an unwrapped toy, and save $3. The event is open to those of all ages, but there will be a full bar with valid ID. Kids 6 and younger get in free. For more information, track down the event on Facebook.


There's no shortage of other great stuff happening this week. Let's take a quick look-see at some of it, eh?

Get out the cocoa butter: Christmas With Aaron Neville with Chris Pierce at the Fox Tucson Theatre on Friday, Dec. 16; Yip Deceiver (featuring members of Of Montreal), RCougar and O/W/L/S at Plush on Monday, Dec. 19; Rescue Lights CD-release show with Ladylike and Diver City at Club Congress on Wednesday, Dec. 21; MyTown Music Community Concert at Club Congress on Sunday, Dec. 18; Lenguas Largas, Monster Pussy and Otherly Love at Plush on Friday, Dec. 16; Big Bad Santa Bash with The Mission Creeps, Black Cherry Burlesque and The Furys at Surly Wench Pub on Friday, Dec. 16; Scrilla Gorilla, Shaun Harris with Full Release and Big Meridox at Plush on Saturday, Dec. 17; A Holiday to Remember with Diane Van Deurzen and Lisa Otey at St. Francis in the Foothills on Saturday, Dec. 17, O'Shaughnessy's (dinner show) on Sunday, Dec. 18, and Z Mansion on Monday, Dec. 19; Rafael Moreno y Descarga: Viva la Salsa! at the Rialto Theatre tonight, Thursday, Dec. 15; Golden Boots, Amy Rude, Al Foul and Hank Topless tonight, Thursday, Dec. 15, at La Cocina (this show is being recorded for future release); Solar Culture Milanga! at Solar Culture Gallery on Saturday, Dec. 17; Phat Entertainment Holiday Party at Club Congress on Wednesday, Dec. 21; CCS Crew at Vaudeville on Saturday, Dec. 17.

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