Lots of Stories

Some notes and news this week ...

• If you want to enter our Fiction 84 contest, and you haven't ... well, depending on when you read this, you're either 1) out of luck, or 2) almost out of luck: Entries need to be sent to mailbag@tucsonweekly.com no later than Thursday, July 9.

My sincere thanks go to the 200 or so people who have already entered (with many folks submitting more than one story) as of our Tuesday press deadline. I expect that number to approximately double before the July 9 deadline.

Look for the best and/or most interesting entries in our July 30 edition!

• Hey, students: We're looking to finalize our fall intern roster here soon. If you're interested in learning what it takes to produce this here publication, and you want some valuable experience, send me a cover letter; a résumé; and clips, writing samples and/or photography samples. Please note: Our internships are largely unpaid, so you need to be getting some sort of college/school credit. Send applications and/or questions to the e-mail address below.

• This week's list of things I am sick of hearing about: Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin's political future, Twitter (I'll make an exception for the Weekly Twitter account, because I kind of need to for my job), the idiocy of our Legislature's Republican leadership, and the status of the Cheesecake Factory at the Tucson Mall.

So there.