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You have questions? We have answers. Some of these answers are actually accurate.

· When's that Best of TucsonTM ballot going to be released?

It will debut in two short weeks, in the April 12 issue. It's the first step in putting together what will be, without a doubt, the best Best of TucsonTM issue ever! Of course, we always say that, but this time, we mean it. We'll give you a hint: Zombies are involved this year!

· When's the spring Club CrawlTM?

It's on April 21. Don't miss it. Unless you hate local music. Then, please, miss it.

· Do you ever get sick of that little TM symbol?

Oh, for the love of god, YES. But it's necessary, because the Weekly has put years--in the case of Best of TucsonTM, two decades--of work into developing these things, and we need to protect all of that work with trademarks and copyrights and whatnot. So it's important, even if it's annoying.

· For past Club CrawlTM art and for some cover stories (most recently on March 8), the Weekly has featured scantily clad women. When will we get to see scantily clad dudes?

This is a darned good question. I promise that the next time we do a parody cover or something like that, we'll feature some beefcake--a little something for the straight women and gay men in our readership.

Got more questions? As always, feel free to send them our way!

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