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    SoAzPaddler on 12/27/2012 at 7:25 PM
    As you all know we are in the age of social media. We would get upset if decisions are made "behind closed doors" about Rosemont Mine. Well, how can the public be informed about anything if the information is not publicized somehow? How can we know evidence exists to thwart the Rosemont project if it's not made public? It seems like a "Catch-22" good news - bad news scenario. Good news for saving the Santa Ritas but bad news for potentially killing the cats via trophy hunters. AZ history speaks for itself.
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    SoAzPaddler on 11/06/2009 at 9:20 PM
    Re: “Patagonia Pluckers
    As a member of So Az Paddlers, I can tell you that there's plenty more one can learn about our organization in addition to our bi-yearly lake clean ups, though they're one of our most well attended endeavors. Just visit our SAPC website at It illustrates what we're all about. -Norma Miller

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