So Long, Summer

Welcome to this week's issue of the Tucson Weekly.

While temps are still in the 90s, the monsoons are still lingering and the calendar still says it's not quite fall yet, in my mind, the summer is over. Why do I say this? Well, our last pre-primary election cover story is in this issue, which means the primary (Sept. 12) is pretty darned close. Our paper size is up to the usual busy-season 88-96 pages; the stack of listings requests has ballooned; and we're in the bottom of the ninth, as far as our Best of TucsonTM process is concerned. (Look for that issue to hit the streets Sept. 28.)

Yes, the fall is here, at least in my mind, and I couldn't be happier: Tucson has so much to offer this time of year. Look at Club Congress' 21st anniversary bash, which Stephen Seigel covers extensively in this week's Soundbites. The theater companies are just about to launch their seasons, and fun festivals--including our own Fall Club CrawlTM--are close enough to pencil in on the calendar.

Meanwhile, we're busy planning all of our coverage through the end of the year. Expect a bunch of election coverage, comprehensive events coverage and hard-hitting commentary. Of course, what else would you expect?

Enjoy the Labor Day weekend, everyone. And congratulations on making it through yet another Tucson summer.

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