Sneaky Science

Family SciFest

10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 15

Children's Museum Tucson 200 S. Sixth Ave.


The Children's Museum is giving families a unique opportunity to be a part of Tucson's science community in the Family SciFest, which allows children to experience real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and math (also known to anyone who has heard a conversation about education in the last half-decade as STEM) outside of a textbook or classroom.

This is one of the six Pima County signature events of the Arizona SciTech Festival, which aims to establish science as part of the local culture.

"Family SciFest is meant to start a conversation about science and how science can be incorporated into children's lives right now, in order to get them excited and motivated to enter the science world as an adult," said Daniela Siqueiros, marketing and community relations manager. "This is sneaky science; kids will learn a ton about science—disguised in play."

Family SciFest will offer more than 25 exhibits of hands-on experiments and demonstrations for kids in STEM-related fields including botany, astronomy, robotics and biology. Child-pleasing features of this year's SciFest will include live animals from the Tucson Zoo, go-karts, space-related art and a meteorite from Tucson's Planetary Science Institute, as well as an energy bike from Tucson Electric Power that shows how much energy it takes to light a bulb by pedaling the bike.

Visitors are also encouraged to check out the Mini Nano Exhibit that presents the basics of nano science and engineering while exploring its real-world applications.

"We are exposing children to new ways of looking at things through STEM. in play form and they don't necessarily notice they are learning while having fun," Siqueiros said.


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