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“Silent Skies” at the Art Institute — A mosaic of the world’s endangered birds

Artwork in graphic: "Ara ambiguus" by Priscilla Baldwin, "Grallaria ridgelyi" by Emily Lozeron, "Himantopus novaezelandiae" by Sandra Temple, "Myiarchus semirufus" by Dianne Munkittrick. Uploaded by IronwoodAI
"Silent Skies" features over 600 endangered birds, such as the Ara ambiguus, Grallaria ridgelyi, Himantopus novaezelandiae, Myiarchus semirufus (left to right).
“Silent Skies” is an international collaborative super-mural mosaic by Artists for Conservation featuring over 600 endangered species of the birds. Opening reception May 25 (2-4 p.m.). Located in Baldwin Gallery.

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