Short Handed

Ya got to love the summer. Ah, yes, that wonderful season of vacations, rest and relaxation--ya gotta love it.

That is, ya gotta love it when you're the one doing the vacationing and the resting and the relaxing. But it's not so much fun when your co-workers are the ones away, leaving you to cover their absences. This is especially true in the newspaper biz--especially at newspapers with small staffs, such as the one you're perusing right now--because we can't really just skip an issue, as much as we'd like to sometimes.

I bring this up, not to complain--heck, I'll be the one on vacation in the fall, hee hee hee--but to explain why we Weekly folks may be responding slowly to calls, e-mails, etc. right now. It may take an extra day or two to get back to you if you've had an occasion to query us about something, but we will get back to you. I promise. Unless we forget, in which case, query us again.

Got it? Good.

· On a related (in terms of being short-handed) but much more somber note, last week I noted that staff writer Chris Limberis is on personal leave. Since concerned folks have requested more information, Chris asked me to clarify: Limbo is currently at University Medical Center, battling leukemia. He reports that he's in good spirits, and says he feels very fortunate--he's got a great team of doctors at UMC treating him, and the disease is on the run. He also told me that he misses work, and hopes to be back soon.

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