Welcome to a very special edition of the Tucson Weekly.

This is a very special edition, indeed, simply because a lot of our coverage this week includes surprising--shocking, even!--occurrences.

We're doing a story involving downtown revitalization ... and something positive may actually be developing!

James DiGiovanna reviewed a Hollywood blockbuster ... and actually liked it--he really liked it!

One of our Currents stories notes that a constituent ran into an elected official (at a rock concert, of all places), expressed a grievance ... and the elected official actually took action!

Ain't it all just amazing?

Other things worth noting in this week's issue:

You'll notice several advertisements for Club CrawlTM, our twice-yearly downtown local music festival that draws 10,000 or so of your closest friends. Wristbands are on sale now for the April 8 celebration, and if you give a rat's behind about local music and culture--or you just enjoy a really good time--you should hop to it and get your wristband!

Finally, this week marks the last time we'll be running Aaron McGruder's comic strip, "The Boondocks," for six months. McGruder's taking a hiatus, and seeing as his strip is usually current-events-related, it makes no sense to publish reruns. In next week's issue, we'll tell you about the comics that will be replacing "The Boondocks" during McGruder's break.

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