Shining a spotlight on new, improved vape kit

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The Arc GTS hub kit includes Zeus Arc GTS, 15 ArcPods and 45 ArcPod Lids, Zeus Xtruder, carry case, micro-USB charging cable, Gold Flow Sink Tool and an instruction manual. It has “everything you need to start vaporizing quickly and conveniently in one tidy package,” the TVape website noted.

As recreational use takes off newer, cooler products are headed to the cannabis market. The TVape Zeus hub presents new vaporizing contraptions and products.

The Zeus Arc S Hub Kit is just one of those devices. A third generation of vaporizers, the Zeus Arc GTS Hub is an all-inclusive (save the flower) unit that provides a very pleasant smoking experience.

The company recommends watching the YouTube video, first for a tutorial. The Zeus Arc S features a built-in motion sensor, haptic feedback, 90 minutes of continuous use battery, three temperature cycles and a three-year limited warranty.

The dry flower vaping device arrives with a nice magnetic lid protective case. The kit includes Zeus Xtruder (grinder); Zeus ArcPods (pods for dry flower); Zeus Arc S (vaping device), a water pipe adapter and poker for clearing pods. Also included are Zeus Xtruder, made specifically for ArcPods; an auto release when filled; direct filling devices; and a one-year limited warranty as well as the Zeus ArcPods, which are convenient and help to optimize performance with the Zeus Arc S and is suitable for all Zeus Arc models.

Here’s the way it works. First put the flower in the Xtruder and then put the pod at the bottom. It has some of the same effects of traditional bong and joint use for smoking. The Xtruder was extremely easy to use and once the pod has reached full capacity, it pops out. This feature makes the device very simple to use.

When the ArcPod is filled, place it in the Zeus Arc S. The top is easily removed from the Arc S, so put the pod in there and replace the top. After turning it on, there are three temperature settings.

Set the temperature and wait a few minutes for the device to cook, until the light turns from blue to green. At the lowest setting smokers will get a fair amount of the flower’s flavor, but not an overwhelming amount of vape. It is recommended to start on the lowest setting.

It does not disappoint. The higher setting brought, as expected, stronger effects where the lower setting was mild and euphoric. Using the device was extremely easy and is recommended for those who are looking for a controlled dosing method that is repeatable.

Overall, this is an extremely convenient and low-key device. It fits easily in a pocket.

Various flowers can be preloaded in the pods. The device is inconspicuous and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It travels well and comes with plenty of pods.

The device and kit’s main takeaway is the consistent dosing. With some products, the effects are a mystery. With the Zeus Arc S, all those questions are answered.






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