Sharkk Heartt debuts 'More Than This'

click to enlarge Sharkk Heartt debuts 'More Than This'
Courtesy Lara Ruggles
As 2020 continues its downward trajectory both in Arizona and the rest of the world, Tucson musician Lara Ruggles - or Sharkk Heartt - debuts an empowering track about standing strong. "More Than This," released today, is the culmination of years of artistic development under the Sharkk Heartt moniker. It's a soothing yet emotional anthem featuring shifting layers of voices mixed with the cool notes of a Wurlitzer organ.

According to Sharkk Heartt, the song is a return to her more acoustic roots and "a ballad for anyone who has felt like they don’t matter." However, she says writing the song started as a way to self-soothe. 

“I felt like I had tried literally every other thing, and I was emotionally falling apart and splitting myself in two trying to make time for music,” Ruggles says. “When I write a song like this, I’m telling myself the message that I need to hear, but I hope that it will be what someone else needs to hear, too. I know I’m not the only one to ever feel these things and I hope that giving them a voice can give people comfort, and make them feel like they do matter, and there’s still hope.”

The song was recorded and produced by Mark Venezia at Wind Over the Earth in Longmont, Colorado, and features a cast of Colorado women songwriters, including Natalie Tate of Ark Life and Carly Ricks Smith of Foxfeather.

As the Sharkk Heartt name was formed to address sexism, racism and anti-LGBTQ discrimination, Ruggles will be donating 100 percent of the sales of “More Than This” between July 17 and August 17 to Tucson Reparations.

Listen here.