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'Tucson Weekly' earns 14 Arizona Press Club awards

Eight Tucson Weekly staffers and contributors won 14 awards in the 2005 Arizona Press Club Awards. The results were announced on Saturday, May 6 at the Heard Museum in Phoenix.

The late Chris Limberis won first place for business reporting, mid-sized publications, for "Running on Empty" (Currents, June 16, 2005), a story on Lea Marquez-Peterson. Judge Jeff Kosseff, a reporter for The Oregonian and Newhouse News Service, noted: " ... Limberis wrote an exceedingly fair story. This wasn't a gotcha story--instead, Limberis provided a human angle that both educated readers and informed the public."

Deidre Pike took first for the science and technology reporting, all publications (meaning her story was chosen over entries from even the metro dailies), for "Evolution Revolution" (Feb. 17, 2005). Judge Rick Weiss, of The Washington Post, wrote: "More than 80 years after the Scopes 'Monkey Trial,' the controversy over the teaching of evolution is hardly news. But Pike made it timely and personal for readers in Arizona by focusing in part on a Christian fundamentalist Arizona senator and a University of Arizona professor of geoscience. Her story offered a balanced presentation ... but (did not compromise) on the facts when it came to the question of what ought to be taught in a science classroom."

Renée Downing earned a whopping three awards, all in all-publications categories: second place in consumer reporting, any publication, for "Little Houses" (July 21, 2005); second place in humor columns, any publication; and third place in health reporting, any publication, for "Marijuana World" (Nov. 17, 2005).

Three Weekly scribes each won two awards. Jim Nintzel won second place for politics/government reporting, mid-sized publications, for "Meet Vernon Walker, GOP City Council Candidate" (Aug. 25, 2005), and third place for environmental reporting, mid-sized publications, for "Forbidden Fantasy?" (March 31, 2005). Tom Danehy took second place for sports reporting, mid-sized publications, for "The Communicator Keeps Drivin'" (Feb. 3, 2005), and third place for humor columns, any publication--meaning Weekly columnists took two of the three awards in that all-newspapers category. Perennial award winner Margaret Regan won third place-honors for public safety reporting, mid-sized publications, for "Marta's Story" (Oct. 27, 2005) and for personality profile writing, mid-sized publications, for "A Life Lived" (Dec. 1, 2005).

Former staff photographer Tricia McInroy also won two awards. She tied herself for third place for portrait photography, non-metro publications, for her images of "Big John" Duhanich from "Offbeat Clubs" (Jan. 27, 2005) and Max Cannon from "More Meat Amassed" (Books, April 28, 2005).

Music editor Stephen Seigel won third place for music criticism, any publication, for his review of the Rev. Al Green concert (Live, June 23, 2005).

In other Press Club awards news, Paul Rubin, of Phoenix New Times, won the Virg Hill Journalist of the Year award; the Arizona Daily Star's Sara Stewart was named Arizona Designer of the Year; Michael Chow, of The Arizona Republic, was named Photographer of the Year for the sixth time; and Marley Shebala, of the Navajo Times, followed in the footsteps of 2002 award-winner Jim Nintzel by being named Community Journalist of the Year.

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