Sex Writing

This writing workshop is aimed at helping people "pen the nasty," which inextricably includes "the tender, the sweet." Beginning Monday, April 13, from 6 to 8:15 p.m. at Casa Libre, 228 N. Fourth Ave. #2, the class will help people dig past any awkwardness and get those intimate thoughts down on the page. Teacher Kati Standefer is a certified sexologist and wrote her MFA thesis on sex and the body. The class is centered on exploring sex and our relationship to it through many angles, including the role of sex scenes in storytelling and the politics and ethics of sex writing. The workshop, which goes through May 18, is intended to generate writing material drawn from participants' own sexual experiences. The cost for the entire course is a sliding scale of $75 to $90. More info at the event's Facebook page.

And, don't forget to read Standefer's Nine Questions interview with the Tucson Weekly Pleasure Activist.