Sending Regrets

A few nuggets worth knowing ...

· We ended up reviewing a movie this week that's apparently not opening now, and for that, we apologize. On Page 40 is James DiGiovanna's review of Sweet Land. Every bit of information we received from the Loft Cinema and the production company led us to believe the movie was opening this Friday--that is, until Tuesday afternoon (Jan. 23) rolled along. Officials from the Loft called us then to let us know the film is, in fact, not opening this Friday, and that a new opening date has yet to be determined. By the time we got this information, the page was already produced and ready to go. We apologize for the confusion.

· Thanks to all of the readers of our blog for their patience. As I discussed in this space last week, technical problems took our blog down last Tuesday (Jan. 16). It was down for about two days and missing all of its archived content for another three-plus days; however, it was finally returned to its previous, glorious state on Monday, Jan. 22. We apologize for the snafus. Also, thanks to Wick Web dude Sean Fitzpatrick for working so hard to get the blog working again, and to John Banks for his assistance in making it fully functional.

· Finally ... wasn't the snow on Sunday night and Monday morning a hoot? Driving to work on Monday morning in the fog, and sliding around on the icy streets, I did not feel like I was in Tucson. I was also surprised that my fellow commuters, at least those who I encountered on my thankfully short drive to work, were behaving so ... sane.

While I enjoyed the snow, I am OK with us not getting more of it for another five years or so. That seems about right.

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