Savor the Holidays

Last year, Garrett and I were lucky enough to celebrate the holidays with a large group of my family members, including my parents, my grandmother, two sets of aunts and uncles and other assorted relatives.

This year, things will be a bit different. One of my aforementioned uncles, Dale, passed away after losing a horrendous battle with lymphoma in late June. Just a little more than a month later, in August, my grandmother--Dale's mom--died at the age of 96. Meanwhile, my mom--who has prepared the big family Thanksgiving dinner in recent years--is preparing for hip-replacement surgery, and as a result, our smaller family will be dining out for the holiday this year.

It's a cliché, but it's true: Life is short. We need to stop to smell the flowers (literally and figuratively) as much as we can. We need to enjoy the time that we have with our families--and that means we need to put aside all of the petty crap that often stands in the way of doing that. Even if our loved ones aren't quite yet putting that petty crap aside themselves.

So, this holiday season, try--as hard as you can--to enjoy life, to enjoy your friends, your coworkers, your family members. Savor that time, because you never know when that time will run out.

This year, I'll be giving thanks for all the fantastic memories I have of my grandmother, Effie, and my Uncle Dale.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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