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When I got to Tucson several months ago, someone joked that the Tucson Weekly was probably the only alternative newsweekly on the planet that didn't have a sex-advice column.

It's not that The Weekly is prudish or anything; we've run a sex-advice column before. But when times got financially tight, it was an easy thing to cut.

But this week, sex advice is back, and it's in the form of the granddaddy of alt-weekly sex-advice columns: Savage Love. It's written by Seattle-based Dan Savage, and it runs in dozens of alt-weeklies around the country.

Believe me when I say this: If you have a conservative or prudish constitution, do not read the column. It is no holds barred in the truest sense. We've tucked it away in our adult section towards the back of the book, making it easy to avoid if you choose to do so.

But if you are interested in reading the column--and I suspect many of you are, based on the comments I've received on the paper--it's here for your enjoyment. It can be found this week on Page 69 (a page placement that was honestly a total coincidence) or online.

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