Sad Stories

Welcome to a somewhat depressing issue of the Tucson Weekly.

Don't get me wrong; it's a really good issue, chock full of interesting, well-written stuff (if I do say so myself). Leo W. Banks' dispatch from Lukeville, aka Gringo Pass, is a must-read, and there are a number of fine features to peruse in the Music and Arts sections (Hedwig and the Angry Inch, live?!?).

It's the Currents section that's depressing. Three of the four features there are important, yet sad: A report on Bishop Manuel D. Moreno, the former head of the Tucson diocese, who recently admitted in a deposition that he allowed priests he knew to be child molesters to take kids on trips to Southern California, where they were molested; a story about the fire that's closed restaurant icon Café Terra Cotta for several months, at least; and a news item about a report that says, basically, many central Tucson homes are going to hell in that figurative handbasket.

It's a news section like this that brings out all the critics who whine that the news these days tends to be too negative. That begs the question: Which one of these important stories would you cut to get in something happier?

None of them? My thoughts exactly.

· On an unrelated note, you close readers out there have probably noticed that Chris Limberis' work has been absent from our pages during the last several weeks. I just wanted to let you all know he's still with the Weekly, and is currently on personal leave. He'll be back, hopefully sooner rather than later. We miss him.

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