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Re: “Guest Opinion

Someone needs to inform SMG, the contractors who, bully their employees, who have mental illness into a trigger that is very, very dangerous for, not only their own staff but of the general public as well by the way they treat "people" by ganging up on the employee in order to obtain a successful threat of "job termination". Over and over again. They, then bring a mental ill person in a meeting with no witnesses. Mental person? No, I agree with the article. However, it will never happen because we as a society, like SMG entertainment, dont know how to manage on a "human level" as, that would require being "procedural" and, well, SMG is far from that. Again, SMG is a contracted company who, sets up and cleans the TCC and it's venues. So, if you feel the floor's sticky, well, it's because they bullied an employee more than likely and, the employee just wont do the job in retaliation. However the employee wont quit and SMG wont fire them. They just bully them into submission. Dangerous. Very, very dangerous. However, society wont do nothing but react when the mental ill go off on them and or the innocent. That is why company's have "policies" in place that they violate themselves.

Posted by Rocky56 on 08/02/2018 at 7:11 AM

Re: “Guest Opinion

I see lots of "thank you's".

I see, thank you for speaking for us. Why cannot you speak out for yourself? You dont have to visit the capital. Write letters to your representatives, certified mail, and make them sign for them. Not only you, but have your friends, relatives as well, all send "snail mail" as, it' must be acknowledged if you ask. What needs to be done is; Pressure. People dont work together no where near enough to address these issues that are the most important in a societies structure. But, instead, year after year, it's the same old stuff, only getting worse. It's come to the point, I have seen it since 2005 and, as an employee union member for the state, I was appalled when teachers union "failed" to work with other agency unions to address the "lack of educational" funding at that time. Today, I still write to my legislators, yet, they dont even give the respect of responding. Why? Google the state of Arizona, corruption. In 2014, Harvard University did a study on what states were the most corrupt. I wont tell you who may of come in first. Look it up. That study told me all I needed to know about this states governmental system. It needs to be "flushed". Big time.

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Posted by Rocky56 on 08/02/2018 at 6:56 AM

Re: “Gabby Giffords: "We Must Draw a Bright Red Line Between Political Speech and Suggestions of Violence"

No harm. No foul. Secret Service has determined that elements of the law have not been met to arrest Trump, or he would have been already.

No "intent" to defame and or threaten. Merely, a statement misunderstood by those who are having difficulties with knowing he might win this election. Poor Hillary conspirators.

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Posted by Rocky56 on 08/11/2016 at 7:29 AM

Re: “Doctor’s Orders

Everything at the border is pretty good?

Wow, delusional candidate to say the least. I suppose he's following typical democrat values. I just cant understand how they can lie? But, like criminals, lying is believing stronger in oneself more so than anything, as, body language must accompany the fib. Criminals are professionals, along with politicians. Doctors or not. I would suggest he stick to surgery. Otherwise, why dont he just say he wants to support the Obama policies. I am good with that. At least that is 'honesty".

That is what this state/nation needs and is looking for. "Non establishment" people. No go along to get alonger's!

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Posted by Rocky56 on 08/08/2016 at 6:55 AM

Re: “McSally: "No Justification for Ever Attacking the Family of Someone Who Gave His or Her Life for This Country"

Typical Martha McSalley;

Thinking only her opinion matters. Shame on you Martha. You have a pattern in my home of disrespecting the great people of this area, when, your aids told me directly, "they do not have time for me", nor my problem. It's still in e mail, on record, along with the stupid non caring apology she sent to me after I notified the DC office. However, as I stated then, I state now. Your aides are representative of your attitude and is why she stated it and is why she and you got away with it. After all, I am just one measly constituent. Cant please everyone, can we Martha? I am switching party's. Black Lives Matter too!!!!!

You, need to be removed from office, just because of who and how high you think you have risen. Thank you for your service to this nation in all aspects.
Take care.

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Posted by Rocky56 on 08/07/2016 at 6:59 AM

Re: “Tucson Sentinel Unearths Treasure Trove of Ally Miller's Emails That Demonstrate She's a Big Fat Liar

Who doesent lie today? IT's a constitutional right.

It's as well, the norm today. To do otherwise, would be not going along to get along and, well, we all know those kinds of folks are not welcomed in government. Things will never change until people walk a better path in life themselves. After all, just look at this dead beat city. Poor streets. Poor street lights, that only affect a few of us, as, the majority of us work during the day, including most of the disfunctional government officials in charge. Selective enforcement in Police Departments who, cannot meet their own ethical and moral values to enforce law, as, they too, are deadbeats. Criminal. (7 in prostitution ring in the city of Tucson) No, to lie is ok today. Even when caught. What's going to happen to them? Nothing. Hillary as well conforms to this new form of "selective" enforcement and laid down the line on how much all of us can lie, to the end. Evidence to prove otherwise? When it all goes to court is when it all becomes real. Have we seen Hillary go to court? Of course we didnt. We will see this liar go to court? Hell no. It's same ol, same ol, corrupt AZ government. (Harvard statistics 2014 places AZ number one in most corrupt state in Union. )

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Posted by Rocky56 on 08/07/2016 at 6:53 AM

Re: “Letter to the Editor

It's not like the days of before, when, communities would attend council meetings. Gather at folks homes for community discussions. IN other words, "meet in masses" as "masses" have the power.

We rely upon our elected officials to manage, based upon ethics and "sworn oaths", however, those are not promises to represent the people. Merely a "process" none of them take to "heart" and or "soul". Even if they state at the end of their oaths; "So help me God", as, that phrase has probably been removed. Even if it doesnt, this city has proven to me, an ethical oath, is nothing to these deadbeat managers/administrators.

So, bottom line is, "people need to become more involved". It's that simple. However, it's easier to comment here, face book, realtime, twitter, whatever. But, no time to attend meetings. Why? It's not important enough to get involved, but, so very convenient to sit at home and "vent" on our favorite social sites. Our governments know this as well and, social sites like this are merely an open grievance forum that produces anger only among each other. Too bad most of the folks were not as passionate and speak to each other in person, at the city council meetings, and direct such anger at the deadbeat managers and administrators this city's officials are, versus at each other for purposes of "lateral violence. Social media is only as good as the people whom represent an adult profile. Other than that, it is informative about issues that I have not heard about.

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Posted by Rocky56 on 08/04/2016 at 7:29 AM

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