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Chuck Berry once liked doo-doo play. Elvis died on the toilet. R. Kelly might've peed on somebody. Rock and/or roll has a long lineage of scatological references--and Blowfly is here to make sure you don't forget it.

Clarence Reid, aka Blowfly, wrote songs for a lot of people in the '60s and '70s. He also wrote and recorded what many believe to be the first rap song, in 1965, called "Rap Dirty," and Dick Clark hated it! If you think rap and rock 'n' roll aren't similar, that they haven't both been watered down and whitewashed, you just ain't been paying attention. Know your history.

This live recording is taken from a date on tour in Australia. The performance itself is decent, but the recording doesn't necessarily allow all of the words of Blowfly to be clearly heard, and when someone is doing "Shitting on the Dock of the Bay," it's really all in the words. For all the listener knows, he could be describing Heidegger's theory of being.

Is it funny? When you can understand it, hell yes! Is the music on point? Sho' nuff! Do you need to buy this record? Not really. Go see Blowfly live, when he's skeezin' on your hometown honeys, 'cause the live recording, as live recordings tend to do, doesn't enable you to experience Blowfly as he needs to be experienced--funking up way more than just your earhole.

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