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The Okmoniks

Rock 'n' roll never gets old, but we do, and that's when we start to worry about bills, health care and other innumerable concerns. Unsurprisingly, that's also when we turn to progressive free jazz, world music or something worse ... like Radiohead.

Fortunately, there are bands like the Okmoniks, who, even more than Bob Seger, never forgot.

"What do they sound like?" you say? How about early-'60s frat-rock bands, or more modern stuff like the Mummies or the Lyres, with the only difference being a strong female voice singing the tales of woe/heartbreak or snotty fuck-off rants. Helene 33's vocals are starting to get a rougher edge to them, sort of like the Detroit Cobras' Rachel Nagy, or maybe the Muffs' Kim Shattuck. The band backing her is a mix of organ, guitar, bass and drums, all contributing to the atmosphere of raided fridges and fireworks, set off mere inches from your face.

This record is a party from start to finish, and you can cry if you want to, but you'll just be missing out on great songs like "It's Not You," "Teenage Timebomb," a cover of Nobunny's "Not That Good" and my favorite, "I'm Done." Should you reject the Okmoniks, you'll have plenty of company standing by the wall, and you can join the Greek choir of, "Why's she going out with him? They're jerks!"--things members of the "music community" in this town have said about the Okmoniks. But then again, what do they know about partying, or anything else?

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