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In more than one song on this Tucson-based band's hard-as-nails debut CD, singer Bricktop Brent invokes variations on the universal punk sentiment: "We don't care."

But Bricktop cares about a lot: drinking, fighting, riding motorcycles and, above all, making brutal but catchy punk rock.

The Bricktop sound is built on the twin-guitar attack of Tony Pickup and Dickard T.T.T. Their playing strafes the ears and bubbles the blood as if fighter planes buzzed just above your head. Drummer Downtown Dave and bassist Keith (no last name) pummel the listener with rhythms like body shots from an overly aggressive sparring partner. Occasional wah-wah-laced guitar solos never slow the pace, and many tunes feature shout-along vocal parts.

The best cuts are "Drink Drank Drunk," "Surrounded by Demons," the metal-tinged "Shovelhead" and "Amphetamine Routine," a vivid character study of addiction. The latter tune is evidence that Bricktop has a few scores to settle; same goes for "Lesbian Cop" and "Fuck Those Guys (Members Only Envy)."

Even as Bricktop is punching your lights out, some of its songs flirt with serious subject matter, such as identity crises, false appearances, karma, drug horrors and the political activities of Anheuser-Busch. These guys clearly aren't afraid to take a stand.

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