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Q: What do day-old pizza and the music of Disturbed, as found on their new album, Indestructible, have in common?

A: They're not quite as good as they used to be.

The Chicago-based hard-rock band have returned with their fourth studio release, and although it will surely be a multi-platinum landmark for the band, Indestructible is disastrously repetitive of Disturbed's previous three efforts.

Disturbed's biggest problem is that, individually, they're three talented musicians (sorry; bassist John Moyer is still too new to the band to have really established himself), but as a group, they just don't click. Singer David Draiman is peaking, here capturing his most melodic and angry vocals to date. Guitarist Dan Donegan continues to establish himself as the group's most talented member by writing some diverse and complicated guitar riffs throughout the album. And drummer Mike Wengren knows when to turn to the double bass to provide a powerful sound.

It doesn't help matters that Disturbed decided to produce Indestructible themselves. While the band's production itself isn't the problem--dynamically, the album doesn't sound bad--an outside producer might have told the band at some point that they didn't have any decent songs.

The one highlight on the album comes during the pre-chorus of "Inside the Fire," the album's leadoff single, which Draiman wrote about the devil encouraging him to commit suicide to rejoin his dead girlfriend. Too bad seven seconds can't make up for an album full of crap.

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