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Cavalera Conspiracy

Ever since Max Cavalera left Sepultura at the end of 1996 and formed Soulfly, reunion speculations have been flying. After a decade of anticipation, the reunion is here--well, at least half of it is.

Teaming up with brother and former Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera, the brothers of metal have formed the Cavalera Conspiracy. Along with current Soulfly guitarist Marc Rizzo and Gojira bassist Joe Duplantier, the Cavalera Conspiracy unleash some pent-up frustration thanks to their debut album, Inflikted.

Fans who expect Inflikted to sound like old Sepultura records like Arise or Chaos A.D. will be sorely disappointed. Instead, Inflikted is musically reminiscent of a hybrid between Sepultura's Roots and the last two Soulfly records. The chemistry between the Cavalera brothers is still strong, while Rizzo's guitar work greatly complements the vision of the brothers.

The opening, self-titled track erupts following a screeching guitar and military drum intro. Max and Igor are clearly making the statement that they are back together to destroy and conquer the metal scene with this thrash-metal track. "Inflikted, show no mercy, muthafuckin' wicked / Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt," barks Max, ostensibly making a statement about the reunion.

In traditional Cavalera fashion, Cavalera Conspiracy features guest musicians to add to the dynamics of the album. Max's stepson and Incite vocalist Richie Cavalera lends some sick death metal grunts on the track "Dark Ark," while former Pantera bassist Rex Brown thickens the rhythm section on "Ultra-Violent."

To steal one from Aerosmith, the Cavaleras are back in the saddle again.

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