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The opening tracks of the Travis Morrison Hellfighters' All Y'all are so Dismemberment Plan-like, you'll think you put Emergency and I in your CD player instead. There's good reason for this--All Y'all was produced by Dismemberment Plan guitarist Jason Caddell, and Morrison's new band is perfectly in touch with Morrison's songwriting style.

However, All Y'all is so much stronger than Morrison's last solo release, 2004's Travistan, that a funny thing happens: I find myself so excited by the first few songs--that sound so wonderfully like the Dismemberment Plan--that I am more disappointed by the last few so-so tracks as a result. "I'm Not Supposed to Like You (But)" kicks in with a drum beat and organ riff that plays with the tempo just enough to keep things moving; the siren-like guitar melody of "As We Proceed" gives way to pop hysterics toward the end; and "Catch-Up" is classic Morrison, with wit, exuberance and minor key bends.

The rest of the record, in comparison, falls off the balcony. There are definitely great things about these songs and the rest of the album: "I Do" has all kinds of good electronic things going for it; "You Make Me Feel Like a Freak" has layers of awesomeness; and there's the military beat on "Churchgoer." However, these songs are nothing compared to those first three tracks.

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