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Rafter (that's his first name; last name is Roberts) has a day job making music for commercials, and while the music on Sex Death Cassette is instantaneously catchy, it actually succeeds in not making you want to buy stuff.

Music for commercials often tries to trick you into believing that you won't be a part of the human experience unless you own the new MacBook Air or Volkswagen, but, really, the only thing you'll be a part of if you fall into that trap is the perpetuating cycle of consumerism. Boring.

Sex Death Cassette is much more exciting than that: It makes you feel like a part of the human experience automatically. It teems with creative energy that makes you want to create right along with it. Most of the 19 songs on Sex Death Cassette are less than two minutes long and center on vocal quips like "'Fuck you, the sky,' I swore at the sky," on "Breathing Room," and "Wake up before you die, my friend" on "Tropical." Among 19 songs, there isn't one that doesn't leave you feeling like you just heard the best song on the record.

What Rafter is selling on Sex Death Cassette isn't a tangible product: It's euphoria and love, with quips of emotional truths set to handclaps, saxophones, guitars and keyboards. Listening to the music is the only transaction required (especially if you download the songs for free off the Asthmatic Kitty Web site, where he's releasing one per week).

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