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Paul Jenkins, the mastermind behind the electronica project ... music video?, has garnered notoriety due to the mash-ups and covers he performs live. But one listen to Now That My TV... will leave you thinking there's a bit of bait-and-switch going on here.

Sure, Jenkins is great at the technical stuff. Who else would bother programming a set of Björk songs from scratch for last year's Great Cover-Up (and wear a homemade swan outfit while performing it)? But don't forget that he was actually able to hit pretty much all of those tough-to-reach notes. So, yeah, the guy can sing and program and stuff. But, the thing that often gets left out of the equation is that he's also one hell of a songwriter.

The first proper song on the album is "Tonight," whose melodic verses are backed by a steady beat with frequent skittering, a bit of keyboards that provide chord structure, and some acoustic guitar. But the chorus is something else entirely, a giant, anthemic arena-rock catharsis that sounds like the Smashing Pumpkins--if Billy Corgan sang instead of whined. "Another Random Tragedy" sounds like Sparklehorse doing a Bowie cover; "The Little Boy on Fire" is a cell-phone-waving power ballad that sounds like latter-day Flaming Lips; "For the Sake of Argument I Disagree" estimates what 10cc might be churning out, had they survived into the digital era.

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