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"Headphone rock" is how Minus Story's label, Jagjaguwar, describes the band's music. Headphone rock is a phrase probably coined back when headphones were first widely available, for bands like Pink Floyd, whose music took on new meanings when listened to more closely, either through headphones or some mind-altering substance.

Modern production, it can be argued, makes pretty much everything headphone rock--listening to any carefully put-together album through headphones reveals things your everyday speakers just can't translate. But Minus Story's headphone rock is headphone rock you can listen to without the headphones, which is a good thing for those of us still iPodless and proud.

My Ion Truss is a quiet/loud, whimsical/logical exploration of a multitude of sounds, all blended together in ways that engage the eardrums even without the close proximity of headphone speakers. Things change so quickly and stay so consistently interesting, you can't help but listen closely. When a band moves from a freakout rock song like "Aaron" to a pretty acoustic guitar intro like the one to "Stitch Me Up," and then back to noise as flawlessly (and with piano) as Minus Story does, it's not only a testament to what a band can do with instruments and creative energy, but also what they can do with the right producer and the right studio. My Ion Truss makes the walls of your house feel like headphones, even through tiny laptop speakers.

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