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Following the tragic onstage murder of brother "Dimebag" Darrell, many thought drummer Vinnie Paul would never perform music again. But he's resurfaced with the formation of Hellyeah, the metal "supergroup" featuring members of Pantera, Mudvayne and Nothingface.

The only problem is that Hellyeah sounds exactly as advertised: a combination of Pantera, Mudvayne and Nothingface.

Instead of focusing on new, raw music, Hellyeah has managed to create a hodgepodge of each member's previous catalog. Ignorant listeners will listen to Hellyeah, asking themselves, "Did Pantera get a new singer?" or, "When did Mudvayne get a new drummer?"

The lack of musical creativity is disappointing, and the grade-school lyrics don't help, either. The opening eponymous track is meant to be a new metal anthem, but it actually runs the risk of pro wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin suing the band for character infringement.

"If ya don't give a shit, ya getcha' hellyeah / Think you're fucking with this, well hell no," Mudvayne vocalist Chad Grey barks during the song's chorus. Fourth graders could read these lyrics and think they're actually skilled enough to record an album. The song also is a direct rip-off of Pantera's "Goddamn Electric" as it gives a big "hell yeah" to whiskey and weed.

"Alcohaulin' Ass" comes off as a shameless biography of Vinnie Paul that's a combination of a country and metal ballad. "Alcohaulin' ass, pour another drink in my glass" annoyingly repeats throughout the chorus.

For metalheads, it's amazing to hear Vinnie Paul pound the drums once again--but it's a shame he wasn't accompanied by better music.