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The Wyatts

The Wyatts are Tucson's resident country music legends--"legends," because they've created an entire myth surrounding their band. From their history to their songs, The Wyatts are classic storytellers, spinning tales with good ol' country spirit. Plus, their special blend of contemporary country-style vocals with traditional Americana melodies and instrumentations makes for plenty of catchy hooks.

The Continuing Saga of The Wyatts, Volume 1 (their second release) begins with the band on tour: Things are going well, but something just doesn't feel right. "I should've been a rodeo star," sings Roscoe Wyatt on "I Should Have Been," "it beats playing all these lonely, smoke-filled bars." "Won't Take Long" finds the band renewed, rockin' and "rolling down the highway, pushing until daylight's gone." But all those run-ins with beautiful girls on the road have taken their toll: On "Broke Your Heart," Roscoe croons, "I swear she was the only one," and on "I'm Not Your Savior," things get a bit more tense: "Don't you see now, you're not my only wife," Roscoe cries over a dark and daunting Johnny Cash-style hook.

On "The Pick-Up," a blue-eyed girl named Belinda stirs up a whole mess of trouble, and by the end of Volume 1, a slide guitar helps the band pour out their souls to a bartender ("Hey There, Bartender"). For The Wyatts, the drinkin' and wailin' is never done.

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