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Resurrection is more than just a catchy, metal-sounding album title for Cleveland's Chimaira--it's an understatement given the last two years of their career. Chimaira severed ties with Roadrunner Records last April, and many questioned the band's future. With a new fire lit under their asses, Chimaira have indeed been resurrected, and are more ferocious than ever on their fourth release.

Re-energizing the fuel that drives the band, drummer Andy Herrick returns to the fold, replacing his replacement, Kevin Talley.

Chimaira have grown musically since 2001's Pass Out of Existence, but continue to stay true to the sheer brutality that caught the attention of fans worldwide. Resurrection definitely shows a more powerful band, and the album's title track is a perfect example: The guitars are speedy and crunchy; Chris Spicuzza's keyboards are melodic and driving; Herrick's bass switches tempos in the chorus; Mark Hunter's infamous croons don't get any better.

"Free at last / Five years of hell for nothing," blasts Hunter in the song's opening, obviously taking a jab at their former employer.

Scarily hateful from start to finish, "Worthless" is driven by the guitar duo of Rob Arnold and Matt DeVries. "Nobody cares if you die," Hunter repeats before the song climaxes with a blistering guitar solo.

"Six" is the album's most ambitious track, nearing 10 minutes in length. Hunter shows off his vocal talents with well-placed harmonies, and Spicuzza's keyboards are quite symphonic.

Like Chimaira's past releases, Resurrection is a must-have.