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The Trucks

Despite their playful, in-your-face lyrical smut, this Northwest Washington all-female foursome are not foul-mouthed skanks reminiscent of Peaches or Fannypack.

Combining stripped-down keyboard beats with occasional guitar bursts, brash drum-bashing and punk-ferocious bass lines, the Trucks engage in tongue-in-cheek romanticism and provocative lyrics that take no prisoners, viciously crucifying insensitive boyfriends and dumped lovers as shockingly as virginal Linda Blair repeatedly stabbing a metal crucifix into her bloodied loins.

With the robotically hypnotic--though explosively frank--naughtiness depicted on "Titties" ("What makes you think we can fuck just because you put your tongue in my mouth and you twisted my titties, baby?"), the Trucks push playful Casiotone bleeps and cheap, distortion-riddled amps with sexually explicit lyrics to punishing and intimidating limits. Occasionally, the mischievous enthusiasm shields threatening topics, such as the sexual molestation depicted in the synth-frenzied "Shattered."

Co-fronted by singer/keyboardist Kristin Allen-Zito and baby-doll-voiced vocalist/xylophonist Marissa Moore, the Trucks coalesce feminism, debauchery and blatant lasciviousness on "Why The?," in which cock-teasing, Catholic schoolgirls castigate boy-toys for not administering head properly. On the freakish murder ballad "Comeback," a mentally fragile Allen-Zito beckons for the resurrection of a murdered paramour. Let's hope these chicks keep on truckin'.

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