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Mondo Topless

Flesh-obsessed director Russ Meyer's 1966 soft-core documentary Mondo Topless demonstrated a prurient fascination for inhumanly large breasts. The Jersey-stuck garage slobs bearing the same name crave similar carnal fantasies; they show this with lustful, organ-driven garage slop that immediately summons fantasies of horny, well-endowed strippers shimmying to sweaty jungle rhythms.

Led by organ basher/vocalist Sam Steinig, Mondo Topless remain true to the indomitable spirit of reckless, mid-'60s garage crud birthed by the Chocolate Watchband, resurrected by the Lyres in the '80s and trashed by the Mummies in the '90s. The primitive, hyperkinetic fury of the Mummies is pithily revised on the downright-dumb "Beer": "I'm thirsty / I want beer / Give me a beer." Centered on Steinig's "Munsters Theme"-run-amok organ runs and Kris Alutius' scorching fuzz-guitar leads, this primeval ode to drinking and fucking salutes the drunken frat boy/sorority gal in all of us.

Brutally naked covers of obscure Paul Revere and the Raiders ("Louise") and Solomon Burke ("Stupidity") tunes are equally psychotic, but it's the album's final cut, "Crawl," which clarifies the sex-starved Mondo Topless modus operandi. The menacing caveman stomp illustrated here summons a luscious wet dream of naked cave babes being dragged across the floor of a prehistoric discotheque as slobbering Neanderthal flesh violators bark incoherently: "crawl/crawl/crawl on the floor/yeah/suffer/suffer/suffer/yeah." From beyond the grave, a sinful Meyer is salivating to the irresistible and primal beat of Mondo Topless.

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