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Considering the girlish, bubble-popping title like Pink, one may be expecting a Top 40, faux-smutty dance harlot with lame dance moves, facial piercings and tacky tattoos. Fugedaboutit. Boris obliterates any signs of nauseating pabulum by bludgeoning the listener with tsunamis of sonic overload, and later by blasting into hard-core hyperspeed. Japan's premier doom-metal-meets-shoegazing power-core trio has always been hard to pigeonhole, and the beautifully exploratory material found here is no exception.

From the sloppy rough-and-tumble rhythms to the orgasmic cacophony of impending explosiveness that summons terror like a fugitive freight train carrying nitroglycerine, Boris tenders the tones deep and fuzzy and the guitars buzzing and molten. The suffocating rhythm section steers the tough, schizophrenic pace into stoner-rock heaven.

The album's title cut is full-throttle psychedelic rebellion; the sludge-heavy "Blackout" steamrolls the landscape with a lava flow of Melvins-inspired swagger; and the mind-numbing "Electric" resurrects the underappreciated cowbell for a brief interlude of instrumental fury before imploding.

Closing track "My Machine" is the 10-minute pièce de résistance, an overdriven juggernaut that delivers a colossal thwack upside the cranium with double-tracked vocals, ambient white noise and an addictive refrain.

Boris continues to trample this planet as systematically as Godzilla flattening Tokyo.

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