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Here Are Caught is a tour-only EP with two new songs from The Ebb and Flow's forthcoming record, and two remixes of songs from the San Francisco band's 2005 release, Time to Echolocate. If the two new songs are any indication, the new record is going to be a lot better than the last.

How much better? Let me count the ways: 1: "Here Are Caught White Falcons" begins with space noises, and even when the band kicks in, the noises continue, and get even spacier. 2: Things are smoother than on Time to Echolocate, with Sara Cassetti's drums acting as the prog-rock glue holding the songs together. 3: On "Here Are Caught White Falcons," both Sam Tsitrin and Roshy Kheshti's vocals blend, which cuts down on the slickness of their individual voices. 4: "Alaska: Lost and Found" has the lyric, "Turkey vultures, leave me alone." 5: The reverb on Tsitrin's vocals on "Alaska: Lost and Found" gives the song a weird Elvis Presley feel, but then Kheshti's Farfisa comes in, and it's back to being spacey again. 6: The microbeats added to the remix of "Body and Soul" make the song a lot less jazzy--in a good way. 7: The remixed "Framer Framed" now sounds like hip-hop. 8: The whole EP shows The Ebb and Flow settling comfortably and confidently into their own sound.

While Time to Echolocate doesn't really inspire repeated listening, Here Are Caught does.

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