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These self-professed Northwest trash-core lunatics hone the same juvenile delinquent sarcasm and lo-fi garage archives mined by trailblazing nerds Supercharger and the sorely missed Fells. Furthermore, this ramshackle foursome (who probably jerked off watching Darby Crash's performance in The Decline of Western Civilization) are held together by intelligently twisted, goofball lyrics reminiscent of the Weird Lovemakers and the keyboard-riddled minimalism of new wave snake charmers the Spits, creating a gutter-punk world of delirious snap, crackle and pop that would cause Count Chocula to seek out insulin-shock treatments.

The short, punchy and offensive song titles are clearly indicative of the Trashies' adolescent fury: "Dumb and Ugly," "I'm High So What," "Science Sucks," "Discount Meat," "I Hate You Motherfuckers" and their psychotic teenager-in-heat, piece de resistance, "Boner Sweatpants," with the hilarious double entendre of "She didn't know I was pitching a tent." Known to drop their drawers at the glimpse of an audience member, these male teenage jailbaits are more fun-loving and no less inhibited than the repugnant Dwarves, and less serious and as hypnotically fractured as the (now defunct) Gories, guaranteeing a bodacious and spontaneous joyride for all who dare them to strip and whip out their instruments.

Fronted by highly spazzed-out vocals, the Trash brudders give ear-bleeding screech and contagious obnoxiousness equal opportunity to each and every number, without pausing to fart. Be warned: The Trashies play music that is childish, dumb and raw as sushi. And they couldn't care less.

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