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Cantrell Maryott

One of those Tucson musicians known primarily by her first name--much like the late, universally loved Rainer--singer Cantrell Maryott has been a steadying presence in the local music community, even when she hasn't lived in Tucson (she currently resides in Oregon).

Whether she's performing jazz, folk, blues, rock, country or avant-garde "vocal art," Cantrell's music feels familiar and comforting, but also engaging. When she sings in that deep, rich voice, the sound feels as if you've been living with it for a large part of your life.

From the first song, the sublime gospel blues of "Do You Remember" (pumped up with some potent saxophone by Sidney George), you can sense in Cantrell's music the warmth, sophistication and maturity toward which she has been moving throughout her career of 20-plus years.

As one might guess from the title, several of this CD's songs concern the act of traveling, literally and symbolically. The best examples are the funky rock of "Three Miles Into New Mexico," with its intoxicating wanderlust, and "Long Way Home," a stark, melancholic (and beautifully so) folk-rock rumination, framed by the jazzy guitar plucking of Mitzi Cowell and percussion by Will Clipman.

Some of Cantrell's traveling companions on this CD include Dutch pianist and guitarist Philippe Pfeiffer, who co-wrote all the songs; members of The Mollys and Molehill Orkestrah; and multi-instrumentalist T. Greg Squires, who co-produced the CD with Cowell.

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