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It's hard to think of a record title that is more all-encompassing than The World and Everything in It. Really, what more is there than that, save, perhaps, the rest of the universe? The Oranges Band would rather stick to more earthly turf, especially the earthly turf of indie rock like that of Spoon, or even early Guided by Voices, and the watery turf of '60s surf rock. The Oranges Band wear their influences on their swim trunks.

"Believe" and "Evil's Where You Want It to Be" sound like they were ripped directly from a Spoon record, and "Ride the Wild Wave" and "Atmosphere" could be Superchunk or Portastatic; unlike Britt Daniel or Mac McCaughan, though, singer Roman Kuebler roams into surf rock and flower-power vocal and guitar styles. "Ride the Nuclear Wave" sounds like something off a recent Guided by Voices record; in fact, most every song on The World and Everything in It sounds exactly like GBV, Spoon or Superchunk, combined with surf rock. It's actually interesting, though, to listen to how The Oranges Band changes things up: For example, "The Mountain" begins with a standard surf-rock incantation, and then immediately delves into a pure Superchunk-style guitar melody. The title track perhaps best encapsulates the surf-rock and indie-rock influences: a stereotypical Tiki-tribal drum beat moves into a pop beat and the guitars sound straight out of the '60s while Kuebler invokes the spirit of Robert Pollard.

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