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16 Blasare Utan Hjürna

The pleasures in sifting through the CD racks of an independent music-retail shop are infinite! Sure, shopping online in your boxers is fun, but it doesn't compare to a post-Thai-dinner daze wherein you stumble into the record store next door, flip through the so-called new releases (White Stripes, Weezer, etc.), and encounter the mystery of something called 16 Blasare Utan Hjürna. Looked vaguely hardcore-ish, possibly Satanic. Likely useful in getting rid of pesky late-night guests at my house. So I bought it.

Six Weeks Records is a California label that specializes in "records by unknown and unappreciated punk bands worldwide with an emphasis on supporting non-USA bands by releasing and distributing international hardcore/punk/grind, becoming one of the few US labels to release bands from Japan, Europe, and South America." Not bad.

16 B.U.H. isn't bad for Swedish hardcore, either--though there's absolutely nothing here we haven't heard before. This is just pure, straight-up, '80s West Coast punk with, perversely, a bit more surf-guitar. Songs like "Piruett för Kannibaler" conjure images of some Friday-night garage-rock sock hop in a pizza parlor, where disaffected Swedish teens beat each other senseless for the chance to play the imported Galaga machine that's been rigged to accept öre.

The International Noise Conspiracy and the Hives this ain't. Still, Aldrig mer en mohikan 1986-1987 is an interesting document. Next time, guys, how about translating the lyrics and providing a band bio?

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